Sunday, 3 October 2010


I went to miniatura yesterday.  Its the third time I have been.  I had a really lovely time and saw some really talented miniaturists work.  I really loved "pocket people" who made exquisite 1/12 and 1/24 animals and people.  "Bags of character" who make the most amazing 1/12 dolls.  I also fell in love with A and R miniatures who had the most amazing display which included the full size counterparts fo the items they make.  Hope to post more later on what I bought when I have taken some photos.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No minis as yet today :o(

I spent the morning in the cold while workmen fitted my new windows, what is a girl to do when all her mini tools are packed away.  I'll tell you what, look at other miniaturists work on the web.  Here are some of the great sites I found:  This website has lots of pictures of the work of Rik Pierce.  He is the most amazing dolls house builder.  I am in awe of his work.  His creations are both fantasy and historical and are made using paperclay and foamboard and wood.  They are incredible!! This is the blog of Nikki Rowe.  I go back to this blog time and time again because I just love looking at all the things she makes.  Her work is based on witches and wizards and she makes everything from broomsticks to potion jars.  Amazing and a very very talented lady.  This site is jam packed with lots of free printables.  These include pictures/signs etc you can print off to go straight into your dolls house and also things that require a bit of cutting and sticking after you have printed them off. This site has a free monthly online magazine which is full of well written articles, projects and lots and lots of fantastic pictures to inspire you.  Subscribe and they will email you to let you know the magazine is ready to read.  You can also download it or print it out and peruse it at your leisure. This site has a great gallery containing the work of some really talented miniaturists that you can look at and also a lot of great tutorials so you can make some minis of your own.

Monday, 23 August 2010

1/12 Leather water bottle

I made this after watching a history programme where they were using one.  It is made from leather and wood dowel.

1/12 Toy shoes with blocks

I have just finished painting these 1/12 scale shoes.  They are made from lollipop sticks, leather and crochet cotton for the laces.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Map Case

I hope you like this map case that I made from card and leather.  It opens and has an aged map inside. 

Pull along Frog

Pull along Rabbit

Pull along terrier

Here is a pull along terrier. 

Pull along crocodile

This is a pull along crocodile I made from lollipop sticks and beads for the wheels.