Sunday, 18 March 2012

What can you do with a box file?

Hi all,

Our latest club project involves using a box file to create a scene.  Hence the question.... what can you do with a box file?

Everyone was given a box like e one above.  After much deliberating I decided to make a shabby chic scene inside mine.  I chose some suitable wallpaper and stuck that on.  I used lollipop sticks to make a shabby tongue and groove along the bottom with some wooden trim as a small ledge. 

All of the wood has been painted and then sanded back  to give it the shabby appearance.

I tiled the base and intended to continue tiling the rest but came across a problem in terms of opening and closing the box so I used a piece of white felt to represent carpet to cover the remainder.  This way I can close the box for storage. 

It also struck me that this would be a good way to make scenes for photographing minis for sale.  You can fold away the box file and store it easily, plus the scene will not get damaged. 

I need to make some more bits and pieces for the scene so will let you know how it comes along. 

Natalie x