Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wizards Trunk

Hi all,

At our recent club meeting we all started to make trunks.  We were given a pattern and a piece of 1m thick card.  I was a bit unsure about the card at first as it was quite difficult to cut, but after I put my trunk pieces together I found that it could be sanded like wood.  It also takes paint really well and sticks well too so I will be using it again, if I can find some more that is!

I only finished the basic trunk at the club so after I brought it home I continued to work on it.  It was supposed to have a domed top but I didn't really like how that looked so I made a flat top.  I decided to cover it with some lovely snake skin effect paper I bought a while ago and I trimmed it with pieces of brown leather.

Here is the finished trunk...

It has a leather buckle at the front to keep it closed.

It has handles on each side for carrying.

As you can see it opens up and there is a place to hold little items in the lid. 

There is also a tray which fits snugly into the top of the trunk which can hold little bits and pieces.

I will show you some more pictures when I have made some things to put inside the trunk. 

Hope you like it for now


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dragon Rug

Hi all,

I havent really made many minis recently, not helped by the fact I broke my finger last week so it is all strapped up.  Luckily I can still type, and use my camera.  My sister made me a rug for my Hagrids hut a while back and I have finally got round to taking a picture of it to show you all.  I tried to take one in situ but it didn't come out well so here is the best picture I could take.  I hope you like the rug.

Natalie x