Friday, 5 August 2011

Mini Shabby Chic Dressing Table and using transfers

Hi all,

Firstly let me say thank you for all the positive comments on my recent posts.  Its really great to get such nice feedback. 

At the moment it seems like I have a mini obsession with making shabby chic stuff.  Today I made a mini dressing table using spindles and lollipop sticks. 

It was painted with white emulsion then sanded back and a transfer applied on the top.  The drawer opens and closes and the handles are made of a piece of bracelet from the £1 shop.  

I have been using transfers alot recently too.  I made a simple backing from coffee stirrers which was painted and sanded back to look shabby then a transfer applied. 

The first one I made was this fish design, then I made the pair below using flower transfers. 

That's all for now, hope you like them.


  1. Son preciosos, me encanta como te han quedado. La mesa está muy bonita con esas flores en medio.
    Un beso