Monday, 8 August 2011

Wizard Roombox

Thanks for the great feedback on my broom, especially from Michelle who prompted me to show you more pictures of the wizards room box it is in. 

I made my wizards room box a couple of years ago on a weekend course run by a lovely lady called Sue Simpson.  She designed it herself so all the credit for the great layout and features go to her.  (check out her webshots page here with more examples of her amazing work

It is made using paperclay, a medium I wanted to know how to use having seen Rik Pierces breath taking work and also Sues (who was taught by Rik), so she recommended I do the course which I loved. 

Here is the finished room box.

It has lots of great features...the window on the left has a moon in it and the one on the right has a tree with an owl in it.  Sue cast the fireplace and windows from resin and we were taught how to lead the acetate and how to paint the frames so they look like old stone. 

If you look carefully you can see an owl perched in the tree outside.  The whole box is lit, something else she taught us, we even made the light fittings ourselves

Here are some more pictures of the box when it is lit. 

You are probably wondering why when I made this 2 years ago it is not finished yet.  I agree it is a little empty but the truth is I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my minis and while I have a box full of little bits to go inside I am still looking for the perfect table.  I know what it should look like in my head, I just have to find it.....or make it! Then I can cover it in all sorts of wizardy stuff.

I hope you liked seeing my wizards room box.  If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask. 

natalie x


  1. Natalie your Wizards Room is lovely. Thanks for showing us around...x

  2. Oh Wow! The floor, the walls, amazing, did you do them all yourself from paperclay? I wish I could use that medium with such success! I love the lights, and would like similar in our castle, did you make them yourself? It would make a spectacular Harry Potter style roombox Natalie. Angela Downton makes beautiful tables, her work is on ebay. I have several of her tables in my wizard projects. The wand is fab, Id love a Numbus in my HP house! Kate xxx

  3. Just looked at Sues pics, the projects are fantastic. Does she run workshops in the UK, and do you have a contact email Natalie? Kate xx

  4. Natalie, your roombox is getting amazing!

  5. Thanks for the comments, the roombox is made with paperclay walls and floor which I did myself. It is a really great medium to work with. The last time I heard from sue she was doing workshops in the uk, you can email me for her contact details at as I don't want to put her email on here without permission.

  6. I absolutely love this roombox and the broom is also stunning!

  7. Wow, it`s perfect! And what a wonderful floor!

  8. It's just superb! I love the colouring of the stone work and the flooring is just wonderful! Room boxes in many ways are easier to do in terms of wiring and reaching in! It will look outstanding filled and something I look forward to seeing!

    I've not been well, tis why I'm late commenting!
    Michelle xx