Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kitchen roombox update

Hi all,

This afternoon I have done some more work on my kitchen roombox. 
I made some little handles for the cupboard simply by twisting some wire and used a finding to cover the hole where I pushed them into the doors.  I am really pleased with how they have turned out...

Then I painted a sandstone wash on the walls to make it look more like stone, then grubbied it up a little bit in places that would get a lot of wear or little cleaning using some green and brown. 
I put a dirty wash between the floor tiles but that made them look dull so I painted them with a coat of matt varnish which has brought out their colour. They do not look as shiny in real life as in the photo below (this is because of the flash on the camera). 

Finally I added my basin.  It is a cut down lid from a face wash bottle which has some peel off strips stuck on and has been painted with black enamel paint and then dry brushed with gold plaid to make it look like tarnished copper. 

I also put the finishing touches to 2 pieces I think I will use in the room box.

The first is a plate rack.  It is made from lollipop sticks and cocktail sticks and card.

and the second is a notice board.  This is made from lollipop sticks, card, fabric, embroidery floss and peel offs:

I hope you enjoyed looking at my project so far.  I will keep you updated with it as it progresses further.



  1. Unos trabajos maravillosos y perfectos !!! Enhorabuena !!!

  2. The handles looks amazing! So easy with a great result.

  3. Natalie Que gusto me ha dado encontrar tu blog ( =
    Y fue por casualidad...porque de tu foto de mi blog de seguidora(mil gracias por ello) no me manda el enlace aquí ) = Hasta ahora que te encontré por una maravillosa suerte ( =
    Pero que cosas más preciosas haces ¡Wow!! está escena te va quedando muy hermosa . Es un estilo que a mí me fascina ( ;
    Te mando un gran abrazo