Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kitchen Room Box Project so far....

Hi all,  I thought I'd share with you my latest project.  I was inspired by a programme called Le Salvager.  Its about a man called Rico Daniels who makes furniture from what some people would call junk and reclaimed pieces of wood.  He made a simple french style kitchen including worktop, sink, shelves and cupboard.  I have looked for a picture online but cant find one. 

I started with some foam board cut to size.  Its very easy to cut with a metal ruler and craft knife.

The overall size of my box is 25cm high x 28cm wide.  I stuck all the pieces together with PVA glue,pinning them in place until they dried. I use a double thickness for the sides as it gives the impression of walls.

I added a support for my worktop.  Then I used papier mache and covered the inside and outside sides and top.

I left it to dry .....a bit...... then yesterday I added the terracotta floor and the splash back made from DAS air dry clay.  I made a template using graph paper, drawing on the tiles.  Then I cut around this on some rolled out clay and marked the corners of the tiles with a pin so I could mark the edges of the tiles on the clay. The designs on the tiles are made using a stamp. 

It needs to dry thoroughly before I can do anything else to it. I want to age the tiles with a bit of sanding.  There will be a worktop on the right hand side with a sink and taps.   Above it there will be a shelf or 2.  On the left there will be a larder cupboard with shuttered doors built into the recess.  I have been making this from an old dresser I took apart.  

I will continue to share this project with you as it progresses but I hope you like it so far.

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  1. I just discovered your blog - thanks for taking time to share your porject, great job!

    Lily @ larder cupboard