Saturday, 6 August 2016

1/48th Scale Station Masters Cottage

Hi all,

Thanks for bearing with me.  I wanted to share with you my latest project.  Its from a kit by petite properties

I have made their kits in the past.  The reason I like them so much is that they are laser cut so all the pieces fit together exactly. 

I started by assembling the main body of the house to see how it went together.  I kept the pieces in place using masking tape. 

While the pieces were together I used my pencil to carefully mark where they met so I knew where not to stick any wall paper or flooring paper.  I prefer to paper these small kits before assembly as its easier to access. 

I started with the flooring. I printed some I had found online and stuck it to the floor using a glue stick. 

Then I flipped it onto the back and cut around the base piece of MDF using a craft knife. 

At this point I realised I had not left the gaps for sticking I should have so tried to cut them into the parquet paper on the left.  I messed it up... doh! So I replace it with some tiled effect paper instead. 

I chose some wall paper from some scrap booking papers.  You can find suitable patterns in the 6x6 scrapbook paper books. 

I used them to cover the interior of the  left porch side of the cottage.  I did it the same way as I did the flooring.  The largest wall needed covering on both sides. 

I started to assemble the left side of the cottage using clamps and Lego to ensure it stayed square. 

That's all for today.  Check back to see my progress...

Natalie x

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