Thursday, 14 April 2011

Finishing the shadow box!

Yesterday I worked on my shadow box some more, painting the window, making curtains and painting the papier mache. 

I took my dremel type tool with a steel polishing brush to the soft wood of the window frame and distressed it.  It was so much easier and quicker than sanding  I did the same with some wood that I had cut for the shelf that would go over the top of the window.  I saw Nikki make these a while ago and loved them so much I wanted to try it out here.

Then I painted it all green, aged it again and put on some washes of dirty green and brown here and there to really muddy it up. 

While I was using my paints I used a wash of sandstone to get rid of the white of the papier mache and some dirty green on the ceiling and in the corners. 

I made some curtains using a fabric I had by simply gluing a hem at the top for the curtain pole to go through. Then fraying the bottom. 

The masking tape is there because I discovered that my spray starch, or more accurately the solvent in it caused my PVA hem to come apart.  I spray starched the curtains and pinned them into place on a cork board.  This is the first time I have done this and it was remarkably easy.  

Then I leaded the acetate that came with the window.  I cut 1mm lead strips from a self adhesive roll I had bought from Romney miniatures. Then I stuck it to the acetate following a grid I had drawn onto graph paper. (Thanks for this recent tip Janice)

Finally I put it all together and varnished the shelves, window seat and floor as they were looking a bit dull.

And here it is.

I really love how it has worked out.  Now I just have to fill it.....


  1. wow- the finished box looks amazing! I love your ageing and the curtains look fantastic!! The leading on the window really does make the window pop. Really nice!! ♥

  2. You have done a much neater job than me. The windows look great.
    I read somewhere, either Nikki's or Casey's blog I think, that hair spray is the best for draping material and they would definitely know!
    I have put a link to your blog on mine this evening I hope you don't mind.

  3. Hello!! You have a very nice blog!! I'm a new follower because I love your work. Congratulations!!

  4. Hello ! Your blog is amazing, Thank you for sharing all your tips and knowledge!
    A big mini hug from México.
    God Bless.


  5. Just love this gorgeous little roombox, what plans do you have for it? I have a stack of foamboard I really need to make into something, youve inspired me! I simply cant get on with paperclay so Ill give the stuff you used a go. Oh and that window look great! Katexx

  6. Thanks for the comment Kate. At the moment I think I might have it as a corner with signs of someone sewing and lots of rustic things on the shelves. You really should try building something using the foamboard its very quick and simple.