Friday, 15 April 2011

Thankyou for all the comments ....(plus settle and jars)

I just wanted to say THANKYOU for all the lovely comments.  I really enjoy being able to share my minis with you all, and a special thankyou to Janice who got the ball rolling by putting a link on her blog. 

Yesterday I got out my fimo for a play then realised how bad I am with it after a couple of fruitless hours and promptly put it away again.  I really take my hat off to the talented polymer clay artisans. 

After that disaster I fished out some UFO's...(UnFinished Objects to the uninitiated) and managed to finish a whole heap of little jars. 

When I started these I was finding mini glass jars hard to come across. These are made from an old plastic transparent pen barrel cut to size.  Then I stuck a punched circle of plastic from a blister pack on the bottom.  Filled them with assorted greenery such as reindeer moss and potiony things including no hole beads and silica gel from those little packs you get in handbags. I then stuck a punched card circle on the top to seal it all in. The fabric lid is a tea dyed calico triangular bandage from my first aid kit cut into a circle and secured by winding cotton around. 

The settle is really special to me.  It was made and given to me by a lovely man called Dennis who went to the first dolls house club I went to.  He has now sadly passed away but I just love it.

Finally I am really looking forward to the Pudsey Dolls House Fair tomorrow which is at Pudsey Civic Hall near Leeds.  I will be helping out on the Children in Need stall for the second time with other members of the Aire Valley Dolls house club.  Hopefully I will be able to look around too.  I will let you know what I buy.  



  1. I will be exhibiting at Pudsey, Natalie.
    Do come and say "hello".

  2. Have fun at the fair Natalie. Looking forward to seeing your

  3. Natalie, I love your pen plastic cylinder jars better than the ones in the stores :).