Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pudsey Dolls House Fair

Well I am back, very exhausted but very happy after the dolls house fair....with the added bonus that the newest Dolls House and Miniature scene magazine was on the doormat when I got in.

The Children in need stall was very successful.  I think we raised over £400, which is amazing and thanks to everyone who donated items for us to sell. I also had the oppotunity to wander around the fair several times and bought some things...

I bought the things in the picture above from Tee Pee Crafts.  They sell all sorts of little metal filigrees and have lots of things for DIYers like myself such as fimo and beads and ribbons.  The thing in the top left is a very small opening book box.  I thought I could make a telescope from the thing on the top right.  I also bought some seed beads from them.

I bought these resin mouldings from the same stall.  I have no idea what I will use them for, I just liked them.  

I bought this little gingerbread people mould from Solway Miniatures.  They sell food and moulds.  We are going to have a go at making gingerbread men at club.  The people are actually only 1cm tall.

I bought an assortment of metal stuff to go into my Hagrids hut.  I will show you all some pictures of it another time.  I have been working on it for quite a while, and so far it is completely empty inside.  I finally decided I want lots of dirty copper pots and tools and things in it so bought these from Matlock Miniatures to distress. I really like this stall as it has a good assortment of furniture and little pieces at reasonable prices. 

These bowls were hand turned by Robin who goes to our club and were for sale on the children in need stall.  I absolutely love them.  

I have been looking for a chair for Hagrids hut for a while.  I didnt want to pay too much as I want to disress it a bit, and finally spotted this one  I cant remember which stall it was from.  The picture is of it in Hagrids hut.

Finally I spotted these in a little bag in a rummage box on a stall of vintage furniture.  The item on the left is a money clip but I think it would make a great fire screen and the two on the right are metal buttons but I thought they would make nice lids for fancy boxes.

Well thats all my fair news.  off to read my magazine and have a cuppa :o)



  1. Glad the fair was good, you got some lovely treasures! Thats teasing, you know we will all be dying to see Hagrids Hut now! You have some pieces to begin filling it, so hope to see some pics soon! Kate xxx

  2. what fantastic finds! I love the chair you found for Hagrid!